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MolmeX Scientific, Inc. is a distributor of specialized scientific instrumentation with a high level of expertise and long history in the development of commercial Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS). Our goal is simply to offer the best customer-specific solutions, whether complete systems, or components like source, optics, slits and detectors.

Molmex provides installation and service for its product line and an appropriate level of customization so customers can meet their experimental challenges. Under the SAXSLAB label, Molmex manufactures its own Ultra Small Angle Scattering (USAXS) instruments.

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Our Services

We take pride in all aspects of the process from discussing the various options with you, to installing and providing service and maintenance.

  • Consulting

    We’ll evaluate your project and help you find the best products to fit your needs.

  • Manufacturing

    We are co-located and share resources with SAXSLAB US, the designer and manufacturer of probably the best laboratory SAXS system.

  • Distribution

    We are the North America distributor for SAXSLAB, Dectris, JJ X-RAY and Nanonics.

  • Support

    In addition to delivering and installing your system, we provide training, support and maintenance.

Unique Solutions

Each project is different and every lab is unique. We can supply a new turn-key SAXS instrument, or upgrade your existing system with new components. We’ll evaluate your needs and provide you with the exact setup you require, including any customizations and support to get you up and running. Here are a few of the technologies we offer:

SAXSLAB Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS)

SAXLAB designs and manufactures the Ganesha line of laboratory SAXS instruments, used in top laboratories in the US and Europe. This product is distinguished by the moving detector in vacuum for automated sampling continuously from WAXS to SAXS, variable size pinhole geometry, and total automation including alignment. For probing larger d-spacings up to 5 microns, SAXSLAB provides the USAXS from Molmex Scientific.  View SAXSLAB’s website


  • Total turnkey automation of 2D scattering from WAXS to SAXS
  • Moving Detector in vacuum
  • Automated alignment and resolution with scatterless slits

Sol Wizard

  • Dedicated Protein solution scattering with moving detector in vacuum
  • Pipetting robot with 5 microliters delivery and position feedback
  • Highest brilliance Metaljet source available


  • Resolution up to 5 microns
  • Cu and Moly available in one package
  • Dectris linear or area detector

Dectris 2D and 1D X-Ray detectors

Dectris supplies the latest detector technology for synchrotron radiation and laboratory scattering. Recognized as the leader in the field of hybrid pixel technology, they have changed the landscape of x-ray scattering science by making robust 2D and 1D detectors available in a wide variety of formats and count rate capabilities.  View Dectris’ website

  • Affordable world class solutions for laboratory upgrades
  • Imaging applications
  • SR detectors with the highest count rate capability and custom solutions

JJ X-RAY Custom beam line solutions

JJXRAY designs, manufactures extremely durable, precision instruments targeting the analytical x-ray, synchrotron radiation and neutron research communities. While slits systems are the most well-known product in the JJXRAY portfolio, they are fast becoming recognized for their custom beamline components, including the Large Offset Double Crystal Monchromator (LODCM) at the Linear Coherent Light Source (LCLS) at SLAC, and the FXE beamline at the European X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL).  View JJ X-RAY’s website

  • “JJ” Slits for SR and laboratory applications
  • Compound Refractive Lenses (CRLs) for beam lines
  • Total beamline solutions.

Nanonics Scanning Probe Microscopy

Nanonics Imaging Ltd is a unique leader in the field of AFM and Scanning Probe Microscopy. Their Scanning Multiprobe with seamless integration of optical microscopy opens up a world of pump-probe on a nanometric level with light, heat, current, force and material as part of their NanoToolKit. Nanonics was the first to offer a commercial AFM/Raman and has recently added cryo temperatures to the multiprobe SPM.  View Nanonics’ website

  • Near Field Scanning Optical Microscopy
  • Ambient and Cryo scanning multiprobe
  • Tuning fork AFM feedback

Some of our customers:

Duke University
University of South Carolina
Exxon Mobil
Argonne National Laboratory
Boston College
Simon Fraser University
Harvard University

Events & Conferences

Canadian Light Source logo

Canadian Light Source Users Meeting

MAY 4–6, 2015

Saskatoon, SK. Come visit our booth!

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Argonne National Laboratory logo

APS/CNM Users meeting

MAY 11–14, 2015

Argonne National Laboratory, IL. Come visit our booth!

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NSLSII Users Meeting

MAY 18–20, 2015

Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY. Come visit our booth!

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SEPT 13–18, 2015

Berlin. Come visit our booth!

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SSRL/LCLS Users Conference

OCT 7–9, 2015

Stanford University, CA. Come visit our booth!

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